Best Lashes for Your Eye Shape

Have you found yourself searching endlessly for an amazing lash tech? Finding a lash tech who specializes in the best eyelashes for your eye shape doesn't have to be difficult. Use Get-Lashed to find lash techs near me to extend your lashes to perfectly fit your eye shape.

Why Eye Shape Matters

When applying your faux lashes, your lash tech will look at your eye shape and take into consideration the overall look you are going for. Characteristics of the lashes applied will affect the way the eye looks in a few different ways.

First, the number of lashes applied has the ability to change the look of the eyes. Eyes can appear more open with certain lash extensions, or more hooded with others. 

Second, different lengths of lashes might be needed so your eyes don't appear shapeless or small. With some eye shapes, specific types of lashes can make the eye look cut off instead of enhancing the natural curves of the eye. 

Third, the thickness of the lash chosen could weigh down your look and make you look tired. Your lash tech might recommend something wispy and lightweight to enlighten your eye's appearance. 

Common Eye Shapes

There are six different (most common) eye shapes. To figure out which eye shape you have, look in the mirror with your chin parallel to the floor. Look at your eye's crease. If the hood of your eye isn't completely visible then you have either a hooded eye shape or a monolid shape. 

Hooded Eyes and Monolid Eyes

The biggest difference between a hooded eye and a monolid eye is how much, if any, of the eye's hood is hidden. If you can see some eyelid below the crease then you have a hooded eye. When all of the eyelids below the crease are hidden you have a monolid eye.

For hooded eyes and monolid eyes, your lash tech will want to make sure that your lashes don't weigh down your eyes or make them look droopy. The best lashes for these eye shapes are light, long, and feathery lashes with some curl.

Upturned Eyes and Downturned Eyes

After you check to see whether or not your eyelid shows below the crease, you can check for the turn of your eye. The outer edges of the eye appear to be above the pupil of an upturned eye. For downturned eyes, the opposite is true. The outer edges of the eye seem to be lower than the pupil of a downturned eye.

If you have upturned eyes, lashes that flare at the outer edges will accentuate your eyes perfectly. For downturned eyes, you'd want to choose natural-looking lashes that won't make your eyes look more drawn down.

Round Eyes and Almond Eyes

The final two eye shapes are round and almond. Round eyes look spherical and the whites under the iris are visible. Almond-shaped eyes look very similar; however, no white can be seen under the iris and the edges look pointed instead of rounded. 

People with round or almond eyes have the biggest selection of lashes because their eye shape goes with just about every type of lash. 

Find Lash Techs Near Me with Get-Lashed

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