How to Care For Eyelash Extensions

Your new eyelash extensions look great, but you also have a responsibility to maintain them between appointments. The licensed lash tech that applied them will have some instructions on how to best care for your extensions. Here are some important tips to remember. 

The First Two Days

Right after you get your extensions is the most important time to take good care of them. During this time you are waiting for the glue to cure, and your lash extensions are in a more fragile state. It can take up to forty-eight hours for the adhesive to fully cure. 

First off, don't apply any products to your lashes. This includes makeup, cleaners, or any topical treatments. Using these products too soon can compromise the adhesive that your tech applied. You should also avoid wetting your lashes for the first two days. 

Plan to avoid swimming, saunas, and activities where you sweat heavily. When you shower, avoid letting the water run directly down your face onto your lashes. Some lash technicians even say to not shower in the first 24 hours as to not get them wet or even let the warm shower steam compromise them. Once the glue has cured, you will be able to get your lashes wet, but you should still limit how much moisture you expose them to. 

Cleaning Your Lash Extensions

The best thing you can do to preserve your lashes is to keep them clean. You want to be sure you remove all makeup and products from your lashes without damaging the adhesive. Remember to be gentle during all parts of the cleaning process. Friction damages your lashes and reduces their lifespan. 

Start your cleaning routine with a fresh mascara wand (A.K.A a spoolie). A dirty tool will spread bacteria and won't work as effectively. Use the mascara wand to brush your lashes and evenly space your lashes apart. Then use a soft fibre brush to apply a specific lash cleanser and remove all traces of makeup. Avoid pulling or tugging at your lashes while you clean them. 

Your technician may recommend a special lash cleaner or growth serum. Make sure to follow the directions when applying these products for the best outcome. 

The Right Kind of Makeup

You can extend the life of your lashes by using the correct kinds of makeup. Oil-based makeup can cause the adhesives in your lashes to degrade more quickly. Some moisturizers can also break down this adhesive. Waterproof makeup, especially mascara, can be difficult to remove from your lashes, which can cause you to use more friction and cleaner to remove it. We recommend not using mascara on your eyelash extensions at all.

When applying makeup, try and avoid your lash line. Do not use eyelash curlers can also damage your lash extensions and maybe even your natural lashes since it pulls them. 

Find a Licensed Lash Tech

You may experience some mild irritation right after your appointment, and usually, it can be resolved with a cold compress. If your irritation gets worse, contact your lash technician. Working with a professional is one way to limit unnecessary irritation to your eyes. 

It's easier than ever to find a lash technician. Go to Get Lashed to search for licensed lash technicians near you. They check the licenses of the technicians listed on their website, so you know you are working with a verified professional.