Why is there no system to rate your experience with lash techs?

  • Since no booking is completed through our site, there is no way to know from our end who were real customers of the lash tech. Thus, theres no way for us to accurately open a review option without fear of trolls leaving untrue reviews. 

Why is there no booking option on your site?

  • Each lash tech has different preferred methods of booking
  • Since we do not certify lash technicians ourselves (but we do collect their independent certifications) we can not guarantee any minimum level of quality. We are merely a hub to find techs near you.

Do you let just anyone sign up for the site?

  • No, to serve you best we collect each Lash tech's independent certification before signing up.
  • Although, we do recommend you do your own research on the tech of your choice by asking them any questions you have on their practices, Covid-19 precautions and level of experience.